Vision :

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Coaching of students on topics including but not limited to:

Exploring their strengths.

Mastering their strengths.

Overcome their fears..

Enhancing their confidence.

Leveraging their strengths to overcome their challenges.

Discovering resources to help them achieve their goals.

Enhancing their happiness level.

Helping them improve their relationships at different levels.

Helping them embrace gratitude to strengthen their foundation.

Helping them expand their network.

Empowering them to grab opportunities.

Helping them choose the right career based on their strengths.

coaching of faculty members on topics including but not limited to:

Help them explore and utilise their full potential, including delivering their best in classrooms, labs, and other platforms.

Inculcate in them an ownership mentality to deliver their best.

Improve their confidence to lead students in an effective manner.

Enhance their personal growth to help them live a better life.


dr. Vijay Jain

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