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Dr. vijay jain

Life & Career Coach

With 30 years of experience in Guiding, counseling, mentoring, and coaching, I am  helping people achieve a happier and successful life by coaching them master their strengths. I’m  helping them identify, achieve, and succeed in their dream career/business.

 I help them to visualize their best self, draw the roadmap to success, and take action steps to achieve goals.

I co-actively work with them to empower them to overcome obstacles on the way to success and boldly win over challenges.

My Story

The Beginning…

I was born and brought up in a small town in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, India in lower middle class socio-economic background. I have completed my primary schooling mostly under a tree. I am lucky to get love and support of my family at different stages of my life.

Getting Shaped by Education…

After completing my schooling from my hometown, I went on to do my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from MITS Gwalior. On graduation, I started Bundelkhand Institute of Technology & Science to facilitate engineering degree to students who could not qualify engineering entrance exams. I was all set to start other entrepreneurial ventures but God has something different for me. I qualified MPPSC for teaching positions in engineering institutions and had to join Dept. of Technical Education of Govt of MP under parental & societal pressure. Later, I completed my masters in computer engineering from SGSITS Indore and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MANIT Bhopal.

We all get one life. Make it BIG. Remember, you're just 6-weeks away from your SUCCEES...
Dr. Vijay Jain

Making Moves in Career…

I taught electrical engineering and computer engineering for almost 15 years in different institutions. Then, I got transferred to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, The Technological University of Govt of MP. After handling different administrative responsibilities for more than 8 years, I resigned from my Govt job because I felt suffocated not being able to follow my passion of guiding, counseling, mentoring, and coaching. After resigning, I joined one engineering college as Dean (Academic) for almost 8 months and then another engineering college as Principal. I also left that job because I was not able to deliver as much good as I wanted to deliver and started giving full time to my passion.

Getting Ready as per My Inner Calling…

Although I was a talented student and a consistent performer, I never got any guidance to make right career decisions. I always felt it’s need. This is the main reason, I left my prestigious jobs, first as academic administrator in government university and later as principal in an engineering college.

Strive for GROWTH. The first step to achieve your goals is the decision that you are not going to stay where you are now
Dr. Vijay Jain

Having worked at different positions in different institutions, I know very well the pain points of students and freshers. I not only know very well their current realities but also the needs of the job market and the gaps between the two states.

Coming from rural background and having served in so many different places including Bhopal for 17 years, I am aware about the different challenges of people coming from different backgrounds. 

In my roles as curriculum coordinator and training & placement coordinator in the university, I not only interacted with training & placement officers of hundreds of colleges but employers and HRs of many companies. Also, as a founder of Margdarshak Career Developers Private Limited, I interacted with hundreds of HRs, recruiters, job managers, professionals, and even employers. I interacted with them for hours on many interactions and know how desperate they are in giving job to right candidates by fulfilling almost all their demands.

Be aware of your TREASURES. What are your key competiencies that make you indispensable? How are you positioning these to tilt the pendulum in your favor?
Dr. Vijay jain